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Kirsten Steur


The relation between humans and nature is researched and reinterpreted in Kirsten Steur’s work. The core concepts that she often works with are the interplay of nature, time, life and death. She is interested in small and unseen processes and organisms, which she finds in her everyday surroundings. Additionally, she is engrossed in how  society interacts with their environment and how we are getting more estranged from it. Her work is about rethinking our values and the complex be­auty of nature. The question she frequently asks herself and her viewers is: How can we reconnect with our surroundings?


Steur works with both digital and analog materials, which unfold themselves into projects that range from video installations to sculptures. The starting point of a project is most of the time some kind of collection, be it an in-depth look into bark or footage of bugs dancing on the water. Every project is a symbiosis of research and visual work, in which she integrates a theoretical background with aesthetic visuals.



2022 - Now: RMa, Arts and Performance Research Studies, University of Amsterdam (UVA), Amsterdam

2015 - 2019: Bachelor Product Design, University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU), Utrecht                                                         

2018: Internship, Studio Xandra van der Eijk, Utrecht                                 



2024: Inner/Outer place(ment), HOEK, De Nijverheid, Utrecht

2023: WE ARE MAKING ART HERE, mid-term exhibition, BG2, Amsterdam

2022: BLAUWDRUK, performance & exposition with L'amour Collective and Emanuel Nijkerk, WORM, Rotterdam

2020: Bastportretten, solo exposition, EXbunker, Utrecht

2019: BYOB, Nederlands Film Festival, Nicolaïkerk, Utrecht

2019: HKU Exposure, Pastoefabriek, Utrecht

2019: ROEM (now called FAAM), group exposition, Utrecht

2016: group exposition, NDSM Werf, Amsterdam

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